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Buckthorn Removal

Buckthorn has become a real issue for home and business owners across Minnesota. If you are a farm owner buckthorn is dangerous for your oat and soy crops because they can carry harmful funguses and aphids. Yet, Buckthorn is a problem for other property owners as well. What makes them such a pest is that they are very invasive plants.

Buckthorn was a popular landscaping plant until it was discovered just how invasive it is. By then, the problem was out of hand. Buckthorn can grow almost anywhere, and when left to propagate, it can take over and smother the surrounding ecosystem, typically in woodlands.

Buckthorn can grow into a small tree that produces berries, and once this occurs – the spread becomes unmanageable. Seeds are spread by the dropping of berries and birds who eat and disperse seeds around.

If you think you have a Buckthorn problem on your property, contact Treeway Tree Care today at (612) 205-9031.


All About the Invasive Species Buckthorn

Buckthorn is originally from Europe. Buckthorn made its way over here, and it just doesn’t mix very well with our native plant life at all. Back in old Europe, Buckthorn was, and still is, popularly used to build shrubs for the sides of houses, as property dividers, and for decorative bushes.

Buckthorn was brought here by Europeans for the same reasons. However, the issue is that here, there are no natural controllers to this varietal. There are no pests or other plants that can keep this plant in check. That means it can grow wildly, push other plants out of the way, and eventually snuff them out.

Buckthorn, if left unattended, has the potential to even kill trees. Its end goal is to become a total monoculture in the undergrowth of a given forested area until it reigns supreme. This is harmful to the environment in many ways.

Buckthorn desires monoculture so severely that it enacts chemical warfare with the surrounding plants. It essentially releases a chemical called Emodin to fight its competitors off. Unfortunately, this chemical can drastically alter the chemical composition of the soil and throw it off balance which is especially dangerous for native trees, plants, vertebrates, and invertebrates.

Other Buckthorn Problems

Adding to the long list of problems with this plant, Buckthorn has a low amount of “leaf litter” that doesn’t shed leaves very much. This may not seem like a big deal, but it causes another disadvantage to the wildlife species that live around the Buckthorn invasion because less leaf litter means less cover for the little critters who need it most.

It has also recently been uncovered that Buckthorns are optimal for many plant parasite species and infectious fungi. That means you want to get rid of Buckthorn if you want to have a healthy outdoor habitat.

The Objective: Eradicate and Destroy

When it comes to Buckthorn, there is no room for negotiation. If you have Buckthorn on your property, you want it gone and gone for good. The problem is that Buckthorn propagates very easily, and it is hard to remove completely. The best way to get rid of it is to call Treeway Tree Care to do it because we know all about Buckthorn and how to remove it entirely.

Spring is the best time because it is the easiest to remove the entire root system and pack the soil back down. If any roots are left behind or cavities are left open, it could come back again. If you have a fully grown buckthorn tree, you’ll want to chop it down and use a strong pesticide to kill it off. If you live close to a wetland or have a dog, you won’t want to employ strong pesticides and should call our team.

Do not leave the pile there for the winter if you have amassed a big fortune of torn-out Buckthorn. Its berries will drop, and you will see buckthorn sprouts when you remove the pile. If you are going to create a stack, be sure to burn it. Remember: eradicate and destroy! It is a very complicate process to remove Buckthorn, we suggest you leave it to the pros at Treeway Tree Care. We have the equipment and know-how to remove it safely and effectively.

Tried and True Buckthorn Removal Strategies

One positive thing about Buckthorn removal is that it is relatively easy to do. If the plant cannot be fully mature, it can be pulled out by hand with relative ease. For ones more difficult to pull out, a standard weed wrench can be used. However, depending on the extent of your problem, you may need a professional. That’s where we come in!

When we are tasked with removing the Buckthorn from in or around your property, we go all-in. Over time, we have become fast at removing Buckthorn, so your property will be cleared in no time.

Buckthorn is resilient, so although we do not promote the use of herbicide, Buckthorn is a plant that can’t be destroyed without it. We will use our herbicide sparingly and with the strategy to keep the woodlands safe, but moreover, to rid your property of Buckthorn.

A Buckthorn Removal Specialist Known for Success

Since we are one of the area’s only effective Buckthorn removal contractors, it’s no wonder our name has been passed around. To thoroughly remove Buckthorn, one must be thorough in their attention to detail because it is widespread.

We will be rigorous in inspecting your property and make visible marking everywhere we’ve applied herbicide for maximum efficiency and safety.

After we have deemed our removal sufficient, we will speak with you about preventative maintenance. Sadly, Buckthorn is not easy to handle and will be an ongoing process, but we are here to help remove most of it. If you adhere to our tips, you can ensure that you are doing your part in ridding Minnesota of Buckthorn.

Treeway Tree Care: Swanville’s Buckthorn Removal Specialists

With all the reasons to remove buckthorn from your property it may seem odd that so many people have it. The reason for this is that 1) many people do not know that buckthorn has such an invasive nature or 2) buckthorn is difficult and dangerous to remove.

Because of the danger it is recommended that you call a professional to remove the plants. The dense foliage is covered in thorns and can grow nearly 20 feet tall, which means there is a lot of weight behind those sharp thorns when they fall.

Furthermore, you will need to have the buckthorn completely removed from your property to make sure that it does not come back; a very time consuming task.

Know the enemy

It is best to catch buckthorn when it is young as it requires much less effort. As it is an invasive plant it is important to remove it soon after you notice it because it will take over.

Buckthorn is very easily spotted, luckily, due to its thick leaves and shiny bark. It often appears at knee-level and grows in big groups, clearly separated from everything else. In the center of these Buckthorn patches sometimes grows a tree with a shiny, twisting truck. This small tree produces tiny blueberries that keep the invasion going.

Your property, just as the woodlands, is incredibly delicate. An invasive species is detrimental to such an environment because they interrupt the natural lifecycle of the ecosystem. Because it originates from elsewhere, invasive species carry specific characteristics that can be harmful to a foreign ecosystem, and if it lands there – the problem gets out of hand. Buckthorn is one of those problems.

The Dangers of Buckthorn

As mentioned above, buckthorn can become a serious risk to you and your property. Below is a list of the ways that buckthorn can endanger you:

  • Kills surrounding wildlife
  • Hosts for pests
  • Fights with other plants for nutrients, moisture, and light
  • Creates erosion
  • Creates shade over plants
  • Produces dangerous thorns
  • Grows at rapid rates

For any questions about our buckthorn removal services or learn about other ways in which Buckthorn can damage your property, contact us at (612) 205-9031.

Efficient Buckthorn Removal Services

Treeway Tree Care is experienced with state-of-the-art equipment and is prepared to handle any buckthorn removal needs you may have. We understand the necessary precautions to take when removing buckthorn, as we will protect you, your property, and ourselves.

Buckthorn can grow quite large, and it is best to remove it in its infancy. It grows at a rapid pace and can become extremely problematic. We are prepared for any scenario you might find yourself in. Whether you need to remove a small batch of shrubs or the more extreme lot clearing of a large volume of trees, we are here for you.

Our team has experienced every situation you can imagine in our industry. We can come to your property and get straight to work. As certified and licensed arborists, we will work efficiently.

To find out more about our buckthorn removal services, call (612) 205-9031. We will gladly answer any queries you may have.

Give Treeway Tree Care a call if you see a plant which:

  • Has twigs which end in sharp thorns
  • Clusters of black berries with many seeds
  • Leaves with 3-5 curved parallel veins
  • The spring flowers are green-yellow and don’t stick out very much

Buckthorn Removal Services at Affordable Rates

We value our customers’ time and money. That is why we offer extremely competitive and accessible rates. We understand that when you require buckthorn removal services, you are in a vulnerable position. We do not wish to exploit that. We are here to ensure that everyone has access to an essential service.

We offer a full-service buckthorn removal service which means that we own and operate all our own equipment. Therefore, we save money on rental costs and from not having to outsource any third-party members. What do we do with all the money we save? We put it back into your pocket!

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Get Buckthorn Removal Services Today

Treeway Tree Care provides efficient buckthorn removal and lot clearing services. No matter how small or big the job is, we are here for you. Our team is experienced and well equipped with up-to-date technology necessary to handle any of your removal needs. We work efficiently and take every caution to ensure the safety of you and your property.

Get ahead of the problem and contact a professional arborist to handle the dangerous task of removing buckthorn. At our affordable rates, buckthorn removal is accessible to everyone.

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