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Twin Cities Area Buckthorn Removal

Buckthorn Removal in Twin Cities Area

Buckthorn has become a real issue for home and business owners across Minnesota. If you are a farm owner buckthorn is dangerous for your oat and soy crops because they can carry harmful funguses and aphids. Yet, Buckthorn is a problem for other property owners as well. What makes them such a pest is that they are very invasive plants.

Treeway Tree Care: Twin Cities Area’s Buckthorn Removal Specialists

With all the reasons to remove buckthorn from your property it may seem odd that so many people have it. The reason for this is that 1) many people do not know that buckthorn has such an invasive nature or 2) buckthorn is difficult and dangerous to remove. Because of the danger it is recommended that you call a professional to remove the plants. The dense foliage is covered in thorns and can grow nearly 20 feet tall, which means there is a lot of weight behind those sharp thorns when they fall. Furthermore, you will need to have the buckthorn completely removed from your property to make sure that it does not come back; a very time consuming task.

Know the enemy

It is best to catch buckthorn when it is young as it requires much less effort. As it is an invasive plant it is important to remove it soon after you notice it because it will take over.

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